~ f a c t s ~

I am Marija.  I was born in a little Eastern European country on Adriatic sea called Montenegro.  My parents were divorced since I was 4.  My mom miraculously raised me alone.  The authority male figure in my childhood was my 6 year older uncle with whom I grew up.  My dad was around on weekends or just holidays until I was about  9, and then he moved away.  I didn’t see him until over 20 years after.  I crossed the ocean at the age of 16 and lived in New York City for the past 17 years.  I finished college in NYC, worked on films, then got my graduate degree.  In meantime, I spent time exploring the city, learning yoga, going to silent meditation retreats, doing leadership training and working as a bartender, babysitter, assistant or manager – whatever I needed to do to keep up.  Now that I am finally able to travel outside of States again, I am spending time with my fiance in Montreal, planning our wedding and taking time to write.  And I am very clear that I have something to say to the world and that the time to do it is NOW.

~ r e a s o n s ~

It is because I was searching for my dad’s presence my whole life that I have become persistant and unstoppable in finding a way to get through to men, to figure out how they think, what they want, and why is it that I wasn’t loved the way I wanted to be loved.  I have had hundreds of conversations with all the boyfriends that I cared for in trying to figure out why our relationship didn’t work out.  I never once stopped before I was at peace and had nothing else to say and learn, and I didn’t care how embarrasing that was for me, I did whatever I needed to do until I was over it and my heart felt open to love again.

It is that search for LOVE that inspired me to dedicate most of my youth and young adulthood in finding tools to understand why we are the way we are.  And in search of reasons why my father didn’t show his love that I began to understand and appreciate all the men that did.  And what they taught me is worth sharing.  I was conditioned to think that men are assholes, that they cannot be trusted, but what I learned is that men are our biggest fans who completely provide for us everything we need to access the powerful goddess within us.


7 Comments on “About”

  1. Beautiful, Marija! Simply raw and beautiful! I’m so proud of you. I get how difficult this is for you and you are once again doing whatever you need to do to open your heart!

    I love you madly!

  2. Rufina says:

    I think there’s a book just waiting to be written inside of you! Blog for now, but I still sense a book.

  3. I nominated you for the Beautiful Blog Award. If you accept, here is the link…


  4. ubuntuheart says:

    You nominated me? I thought you were nominated 🙂 hm..what do I do now

  5. Marija, this is so beautiful in its candor. So you. I agree that there’s a book in there, too. Looking forward to much more from you, Love!

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